West Michigan Soccer League



WMSL is the Western  Michigan Soccer League.  It is an adult menís league centered around Grand Rapids that provides the highest level of soccer in the area.  Many players have played College, Semi-Pro or professional soccer.  WMSL is affiliated with the Michigan Soccer Association (MSA), US Amateur Soccer Association (USASA) and US Soccer Federation (USSF). It is the next level of play for the graduates of the higher level youth leagues, such as GVSA and the Michigan Premier League.


Board of Directors

PRESIDENT:          Don Buchholz, 2431 Paris SE, Grand Rapids, MI  49507  (616) 245-0738

VICE PRESIDENT: George Ferguson, 15775 148th Ave, Spring Lake, MI  49456  (616) 447-5231

SECRETARY:         Bjorn Hansen, 7199 River Glen Drive, Caledonia, MI  49316  (616) 308-1449

TREASURER:         Ron Tanis, 2112 Romence NE, Grand Rapids, MI  49503  (616) 235-4016

REGISTRAR:          David Whitehouse, 2222 Wealthy St SE, Grand Rapids, MI  49506  (616) 233-9591

DIR. AT LARGE:     Bob Dykstra, 184 S River St, Holland, MI  49423 (616) 957-2350


2005 WMSL Schedule - Revised 5-31-2005

2005 Standings - Posted 6-22-2005

2005 Results


 2005 Playoff Schedule

Championship (Saturday July 16) 8:00 PM Sports XChange

St Robbie's of Fowler vs. PASS Impacto

Free Admission!

Good luck to everyone!



Who can Play?

Adult menís teams are welcome to join the league, but should bear in mind it is a high level, competitive league.  Youth players, aged 16 and older, may play, but need to submit a Dual Registration form to the State Youth Association (MSYSA), if they are still active in it.


How do we Sign Up?

All teams interested in playing must submit a Team Commitment Form and fee by the time of the Annual general Meeting (AGM) in February.  In addition, each team must be represented at this meeting, as all league matters are voted upon at that time.


When does WMSL Play?

The season extends from Mid-May to the end of July, which allows local college players to participate.  Teams typically will play each other once.  At then end of the regular season, there is a league championship tournament.  Teams will play once or twice a week, usually on Thursday Evenings or on the weekend (either Saturday or Sunday).  Teams are expected to play all scheduled games. There is a $100 per game forfeit fee.


Why is WMSL affiliated with MSA?

There are a number of major advantages for affiliating.  MSA provides insurance coverage (liability and secondary medical) for players and teams. Affiliation allows the top local USSF officials to work the games, and teams may enter the various amateur State, Regional and National Cup tournaments (U-23, Open, Over-30) , as well as the US Open (Lamar Hunt) Cup, which includes professional as well as Amateur teams.  Teams also may play in other adult tournaments.  MSA also issues player pass cards.


Whatís the Cost?

Each team must pay a Team Fee of $100 (for returning teams) or $250 (for new teams).  These fees are used to run the league.  In addition each player must pay $25, which is the annual MSA registration fee.  Teams must also pay for officials ($50 per team, per game), their home field rental, and have both home and away uniforms.  Teams are encouraged to seek sponsors to help cover these costs.


How big can the team be?

WMSL allows a team to roster as many as 35 players, but only 22 may dress for a game.  Players may not play for more than one team in WMSL (youth players may play for a youth team, if they dual register).  A designated Team Manger is required.


How is WMSL different than a Youth League?

Obviously it is an adult league, and is affiliated with the adult branch of USSF.  The level of play is typically higher and much more physical than in youth or high school leagues.

WMSLís members are the individual teams.  Registration is a bit different.


How can I find a team?

If you are a player seeking a team, many of the existing teams are looking for players and will offer you a trial.  A list of teams with contacts will be posted after the February 22 Annual general Meeting.